Cultural & Creative Industries Center

CCIC has undertaken many “Cultural and creative industries” studies, design services, activity promotion and industrial development, industry and academic cooperation programs and projects for Council for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education in Taiwan and some civil enterprises, etc., since the conception of the center. It is able to provide the school relevant department teachers and students with teaching, research and practical experience operating opportunities, and establish an industry and academic cooperation platform that has practical development value and will show an aesthetic economy.

In response to the 2011 IDA Taipei Congress being held in Taiwan, NTNU and Taiwan Design Center signed a cooperation agreement to jointly participate in the preparation work for the future world design conference. In addition, CCIC of NTNU will also provide the existing space environment and professional human resources, and combine the undertaking project planning activity funds as exchange platform of Taiwan graphic design and visual communication, actively invite the four international community members of ICOGRADA in Taiwan: The Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Graphic Design Association, Taiwan Poster Design Association, and Kaohsiung Creators Association to meet in CCIC for the purpose of organizing “Taiwan Design Alliance” to promote the strategic planning and exchange activity of Taiwan design development, focus on 2011 IDA Taipei Congress in the future, and integrate Taiwan’s design community to process the preparatory work in the early stage. At the same time, CCIC and Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association, and Subtropical Ecological Art Association positively start the cooperation in watercolor and ecological art, etc. fields to positively promote Taiwan’s watercolor development, and create new opportunities for ecological art.